Business Development

Communicating innovative designs to a new client can be challenging. With metal forming simulation, DEFORMâ„¢ finite element simulation animations of the proposed process are worth a thousand pictures.

SHOWING your customer how your process works can pave the way to improved understanding, smoother projects, and happier customers.

Diversifying Your Capabilities

Adding new process capabilities offers excellent opportunity for market growth and to stabilize your business in volatile markets.

Expanding your business into related markets with different metal forming processes offers excellent opportunity for growth. With our experience in cold forging, heading, warm forging, hot forging, and stamping, Tkach has a network of suppliers, service providers, and other resources to make critical projects less of a strain on your current engineering staff. Our diverse research background helps Tkach identify new technology and find ways to bring it to industry. We are your pathfinder and creative process innovator, so your engineering staff can stay focused on current production while we guide the development effort for you and your staff, leading you to appropriate technologies, identifying vendors, and providing personalized training.